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  1. Christine Flamond

    Hey there, fellas! I don’t know, if any of you still remember me, well, I’m not stressed, if you do not. My ego can surely handle it!
    My name is Christine Flamond, and eons ago I used to do bookings and invited you over to Austria.
    I still remember the evening somewhere out in the sticks, when we all spent the night in some sort of small accommodation, trying to be quiet but failing miserably! What a laugh!
    I still have my guest book and it is all very present, when I look at the page where Edward II left their texts, simply hilarious! 🙂
    Enough chit-chat – I just wanted to say hello after all these years and ask you how you all are? After such a trying 1 1/2 years so much has changed for all of us – more for you than me, I suppose. I have been retired for some years…
    You are not forgotten, that’s what I wanted to make clear – an old tape of yours sounds out of my recorder at present, “nothing will ever be the same”… what memories…
    Lots of love and xoxoxo’s to all of you,
    Christine Flamond
    Grinzinger Strasse 2/2/4, 1190 Vienna, Austria +43-676 900 6214

    1. Gavin Sharp Post author

      Hi Christine
      Good to hear from you! Sorry for the slow reply, the site has been parked for a while as we have been busy doing other things. I run a venue in Manchester called Band on the Wall now and we have been expanding and refitting during the pandemic. We just get out with the band for occasional festivals now, it’s good fun but we wouldn’t do it full time any more! Glad you are still doing ok and enjoying retirement. Best Gavin (and EdwardII).

      1. Christine Flamond

        Hi, Gavin! Just saw your answer, thanks for your reply. Retirement? Naaaaaa… I am not in the music Business anymore that’s true. I do Tai Chi, QiGong and have discovered my love for the theatre, (means, I’m on stage, not watching) among other enjoyable pastimes… So, there is still a lot of work to do, it’s just different. Have a good time and stay well, best wishes to you and the lads, Christine

  2. Gail Smith

    Hey there,
    I saw you in Arizona many years ago. A band named Major Lingo opened for you at the Hollywood Alley. I bought one of your CD’s and it has been one of my favorites. We unfortunate had a flood and lost all my CDs, I was wondering if there is a way to get copies of your older CDs?

    1. Gavin Sharp

      Hi Gail

      Good to hear from you and amazing and lovely to know that you have been listening to our CD for all these years!

      Was it at the gig where we got rained off? Did it happen again – I can’t imagine you have that many floods in Arizona!

      Anyway, we don’t have that many old CD’s but a few people sell them online in the UK. Do you know which one it was? I am guessing maybe Wicked Men if it was that tour – please let me know and I will see if I can source one for you. Shipping to the US can be pretty horrific these days so will also need to get a price for that and let you know.


      Gavin Sharp


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