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  1. Hi,

    I am enquiring about how much you charge to perform.

    We are a pub in Coventry.

    Can you come back to me.

    Many thanks.


  2. I saw you at Folk On the Pier at Cromer on Saturday 09/05/15, and I was blown away. I am a Pensioner, but I got up and danced to “Dashing Away”, your take on the traditional “Dashing Away With The Smoothing Iron”. I had not heard this before, and it was Great! I would like to buy a CD with this track on, direct from yourselves, as I can only play CDs. I don’t buy things on the web, I don’t trust it. I last saw Edward II at Norwich Art Centre (NAC) in 1996 where I bought your CD “This Way Up”, and again at NAC in 1998, when I bought the CD “Zest”. I have lost track of you since then. Thank you so much for still being there, and still making Night Nurse and Wild Mountain Thyme sound so good. Please tell me your postal address and how much the CD costs, and I will gladly send you a cheque to cover the cost. Mr T still plays fantastic Bass, (now 6 string was 5 string?)

    1. Hi guys, as you may have head The village pump folk festival is no more! Due to lack of money after 40+years. We grow up together through those years, we do not want it to dye so next July we are having a small fund raising weekend to raise money to start again, we must be mad! If you could send us a signed cd to raffle that would be a great help. Thanks from KEITH, the stiff deaf one. Founder member.

  3. Hi its Sue from Shrewsbury don’t know if you remember me??? anyway I saw you had a bit of a do on at The Band On The Wall cant seem to find it now – can you please give me the dates?? Lots love an good karma xxxxxxxx

    1. Hi Sue. It was on St George’s Day, but we are playing at the Angel Pub on Angel Street in Manchester M4 4BQ (it’s on the gig listing on this page) – see you then if you can make it.

  4. Hi !
    Heard one of your tracks on Radio two, wow!!
    Please, do you have anything on cd, or are you planning to bring one out.
    Keep up the fantastic work. Brenda-Dawn

  5. Hi – Trying to sort timings for the Manchester Library show. Tickets / website say 630 doors for 7, but when trying to find out what time the show finishes to arrange transport after the show, the library says 6 until 8, with the library closing at 8.

    What are the actual timings please???

    1. Hi Philip

      Your ticket is correct – there is a press launch prior to the doors which is closed to the public.

      There will be a short performance by the Fosbrooks at 6.35pm and we will be on stage at 7pm and playing the entire album as per the track list, which is just a little over the 1 hour.


      Edward II

  6. Thank you so much for ‘Manchester’s Improving Daily’ CD and booklet. Wonderful, dance-round-kitchen social history. A rare and inspiring opus. Do you ever head up to Scotland – the West Coast in particular?

    A standing ovation and mucho appreciation from wildest Argyll.

    1. Thanks Josephine, really pleased you like it. No plans to go to Scotland at the moment, but I guess that’s only because no one has asked us!

  7. Hi

    I was at the front for your fabulous Saturday evening show at Towersey Festival and was lucky enough to get hold of one of the signed copies of Manchester’s Improving Daily which Simon Care threw into the audience. As a longterm fan and Manchester boy I was particularly delighted by this. The CD however didn’t have the booklet in, or the booklet landed elsewhere in the crowd! Any chance I could buy another – happy to buy the whole thing again if that’s the only way ..



    1. Hi Jim
      We handed it in to the CD stall as hoped you would collect from there. Please send me your address and I will see if I have a spare I can send out – I think we had a cracked CD returned so will take the one out of that.
      Glad you enjoyed the gig!

  8. Hello,

    I hope this finds you well.

    I have just returned from Towersey Festival, I have been working for the BBC covering the festival through Photography

    I really enjoyed your performance on Saturday.

    I took lots of photos of Saturdays’s performance, and I’d like to shear these with you.

    If you are interested then I’d happily make you an edited set and send to you. I’m not looking for payment, just that my pictures get used and and don’t just end up on my computer forever!



  9. Hello I’m trying to track down a recording of the great flood. The museum of science and industry has directed me to you. Can you help? On a recent visit to the museum we were dissapointed to find our favourite exhibit that played the tune has been permanently closed and would like to find this as a lasting memory

  10. saw, and recorded you, at campfire convention in august. then at shrewsbury folk festival was told only one more gig. so is january’s band on the wall a one off or are you planning more. dates next year? would love to get you to the shrewsbury / telford area.

    1. Only doing occasional shows now but will be starting to work on a new project in 2017, probably for release in summer 2018, so keep an eye on these pages or our Facebook page for news.

  11. Hi,

    I came across your website and I think it’s great.

    I know you have the design nailed but I just wondered if there was any extra functionality you were looking to add to it that I could help with?

    If you are interested in discussing your website, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    Thank you for your time!

    Best Wishes


    P.S. If you aren’t the right person to contact about this, please can you forward this for me.

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