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Discovering some remarkable stories at the moment…

Check this one about Mr James Sadler, a baker from Oxford who decided he was going to be a balloonist, and made several flights including from Manchester Balloon Street (Where the main Co-Op is now based) and flew all the way to Radcliffe – which if you know Manchester is some going!  Anyway, below is the entry from Wikipedia and attached is a song we have found about the event.

We haven’t recorded this one (yet?) but we should have some music for you very soon.

Mr Sadlers Balloon lyrics  (click on this link to see a pdf scan of the original song sheet)

Sadler was the second person to make a balloon ascent in England, very soon after the Tuscan Vincent Lunardi‘s flight on 15 September 1784 in the grounds of the Honourable Artillery Company at Moorfields. Sadler made his ascent during the month after on 4 October 1784 from Christ Church MeadowOxford. The balloon rose to about 3,600 feet and landed near Woodeaton, around six miles away. His second ascent on 12 November, this time in a hydrogen-filled balloon, reached Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire after a twenty-minute flight.[2] In May of the following year he took off nearMoulsey HurstSurrey, accompanied by W. Wyndham MP, hoping to reach France, but in fact descending in the Thames Estuary, and thus failing to repeat the earlier exploit of Jean-Pierre Blanchard and his passenger.[3] Sadler made two further ascents in May 1785, the first of which was from a field behind a gentleman’s garden on the site of what is now Balloon Street in Manchester. On this flight he was accompanied by a cat and landed in Radcliffe.[4] On his second ascent he travelled alone and having risen to 13,000 ft. travelled 50 miles before landing near PontefractWest Yorkshire. On this occasion, he sustained bad injuries after being dragged for around 2 miles by the balloon, which eventually threw him clear before taking off again empty.

Edward II – back in 2015

Edward II will be back in 2015! We are busy working on new tunes based on a set of Manchester folk songs, some dating back around 200 years and others from more recent times. As we get tunes completed and recorded we will start posting them up for you to listen to and let us know what you think.

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See you soon!

Edward II