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  1. Fred Coker

    Really interesting work you’re doing. We’ve lived and worked around Manchester since December 1979, originally moving what was Workers Film Association in London (c. 1975) to the old warehouse in Lucy Street on the Hulme borders to become known as the WFA Media and Cultural Centre. A lot of our work then was on working class history, struggles, and culture. One of our projects, Songs for Struggle, was to collect songs from the working class movement from the Peasants Revolt onwards, like eg. the Chartists Anthem, and others. We are really hoping to see you at BOTW early next month. For the moment my partner, Guatemalan Ana Lucía Cuevas, and I, as Armadillo Productions and, really, as members of the Friends of Alexandra Park, are doing a little video for them on the history of the park (founded 1870) up to it’s recent renovation with English Heritage funding. Maybe with your research you will have found music acknowledging the Park as a site of protest, eg. early Suffragettes, Conscientious Objectors during WW1, right up to the Northern Rock Against Racism in July ’78. Would be nice to meet up sometime. fred.coker@yahoo.co.uk 07500 959517 Best wishes!


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